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Who the heck are we, anyway?

Do you know exactly what is in that commercially produced soap bar (or body wash) you're currently using in your shower? I do, and that's why as the founder of SoapForAthletes, I want you to know too! 

I know it's shocking to learn that commercial soaps are just one big block of chemicals. They mosty aren't even soap at all, but detergents that rob our skin of the nutrients it actually needs to be healthy. They are designed with ingredients to "get the job done" but with the least expensive investment on the part of the producer. Whatever is the cheapest stuff, in the cheapest combination, that will bring the highest return: there's what's in it. Never mind what it can do to YOU, in the long run from long term exposure to chemicals. That's just Corporate America. (see the table to the right to see JUST WHAT IS IN COMMERCIAL SOAP!!!! )

SoapForAthletes has become more than I ever dreamed possible when the idea of a healthier soap first came to me. It all really began back in 2011, when I started a long journey back to health, after a fall from a ladder left me literally in pieces. Being unable to do much of anything after my fall, I gained LOTS of weight. After being physically active my entire life, I suddenly became sedintary and before long, I found myself close to 300 pounds.I knew I had to do something, so after I healed I decided to be open minded about fitness opportunities and that's when CrossFit found it's way into my life, and soon my heart. 

I discovered a supportive community, an amazing fitness program, and a new way to eat when my coach introduced me to the paleo lifestyle. It was then that I realized that what we put ON OUR BODIES has just as big of an impact on our health as what we eat. I discovered that I was working out hard, eating clean, and then taking a bath in chemical laiden commercial soap. It made no sense. 

So I created a solution, first just for 
family use. After Crossfit and the 
paleo diet helped me lose over 125 
pounds, I suddenly had a new sense of
 purpose in my life, and I wanted to help 
educate my Crossfit brothers and 
sisters and share the importance of 
my products with the community. 
SoapForAthletes was born. 

I hope you'll soon see how amazing "Training Dirty and Getting Clean" can be. My all natural, earth friendly bath and body products are created especially for you, for athletes, and anyone else that cares about the environment and their health.

 As the founder, I always say that the day I walked out of Corporate America was one of the best days of my life, and I mean it. I left Corporate America behind with a specific mission and a vision… I wanted to make a superior product for us all to use. I wanted to share what I had learned about the dangers of commercially produced soap with all of you. I wanted to make a product with careful attention to the quality of ingredients, not skimping on quality just to support the bottom line. I wanted to create a company that gives back to the community, one that uses recycled packaging materials, and recycles all possible materials from production. And most of all, I wanted to create this line of products that would leave you, my precious fans, in love.

Carla Prada Akers, Founder and Creator
and Trails Natural Soap Company

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​More about the founder:

Columnist and founder and creator of SoapForAthletes and Trails Natural Soap Company, Carla "Prada" Akers, is also a motivational writer whose human interest stories of discovery, heroism, and growth in the backpacking community encourage people from all walks of life to get outdoors and enjoy the nature around them.

After breaking her back in 2010 she's made it back into the world that she loves. Her catchy personal mantra, “If I can do it, you can too” has helped many dreamers get off the couch and get going!

An avid Masters CrossFit athlete and long distance hiker,you will either find her doing a 6am WOD (workout) or rambling about on long distance hiking on trails like the Appalachian Trail and the Florida Trail. 

Before starting SoapForAthletes and Trails Natural Soap Company, she worked in the proprietary educational field as a college recruiter, inspiring adults in the pursuit of training for new careers.

Always practicing what she preaches, she received her Master’s degree in Business Administration herself in 2006, and soon finding herself slightly bored and unchallenged by the business world, she turned to her true passion, outdoor journalism.

She still lives “way too far from the trail” in Jacksonville, Fl with two dogs, a bunny, and 6 used backpacks. 

You can contact her at info@TrailsNatural.com 
That well-known "Commercial Soap"
What's in it?
•sodium cocoyl isethionate
(linked to organ-system toxicity)

•stearic acid (synthetic sodium salt)

•coconut acid

•sodium tallowate
(soap from animal fats, so this is not vegan at all)

•sodium isethionate (detergent)

•sodium stearate (synthetic sodium salt)

•cocamidopropyl betaine
(synthetic surfactant; may cause irritation)

•sodium cocoate or palm kernelate
(we use palm oil)

(FAKE scent, unknown synthetic chemical)
•tetrasodium EDTA

( is a preservative that’s made from the known carcinogen, formaldehyde and sodium cyanide)

•trisodium etidronate (preservative)

(Butylated hydroxytoluene, cancer suspect agent, may cause reproductive defects, harmful if swallowed, eye, respiratory tract and skin irritant)

•titanium dioxide (whitening agent)

•sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate
(suspected gastrointestinal and liver toxin, possible neurotoxin, waste water hazard)

"Not just for athletes! The BEST BAR for anyone who cares about their health AND the environment!"
       -Eden Kendall, River City Live TV